Monday, October 20, 2014

Week of Oct. 20-26, 2014

The Macedonian Parliament will soon vote on some questionable amendments to its constitution. Some of the amendment are good and some bad.  I will try and paraphrase some of the amendments:

·    I could not clearly discern from the report if the amendment governing marriage is good or bad but it will change the existing laws. (It could give more acceptance to homosexual unions)
·    An amendment on the international financial zone is not sufficiently precise and could contain a loop-hole for ungoverned laundering of money and black market businesses.
·    Another change removes the Justice Minister from the Court Council, the body that appoints judges, as a way of reducing political influence on the courts.
·    Another change aims to introduce a so-called "constitutional complaint" mechanism whereby people or institutions can file complaints against the authorities.
·    A further change limits the rate of public debt to 60 per cent of GDP and the budget deficit to 3 per cent of GDP.

Prayer Points:
1.    Let us pray for the Macedonian government.
2.    First we want to ask the Lord to extend mercy across Macedonia; the people, government and all institutions. May there be an open window for a time of visitation.
3.    Marriage is an institution ordained by God and nations can incur upon themselves severe judgments when not respecting its sanctity. So let us pray for holy wisdom to prevail as this comes before the Macedonian Parliament.
4.    Let us pray against corruption in Macedonia. We ask for tough laws that do not favor unethical businesses.
5.    It is good that an amendment is being proposed to curb the power of the justice minister to politically influence the courts. Let us pray for the Macedonian court system.
6.    Before Israel had a king they were ruled by judges. It is clear from the scriptures that judges are God’s preferred type of civil government. Let us pray for godly judges to be raised up in Macedonia.
7.    May the gates of Macedonia be attended by godly men and women. Lord, call out these men and women into their destiny to administer Your justice over Macedonia.
8.    Lord, bless Macedonia financially. May productivity blossom with many jobs being created.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Pray for Kosovo

Week of Oct. 13-19, 2014

Now this is ironic, I am in Serbia asking the Lord how to pray for Kosovo.

Kosovo and Serbia are bitter enemies. (I think things are starting to cool down some) Over the past 60 years the Albanian Kosovars have over-populated the Serbians in Kosovo. In 1999 the Kosovars decided to declare independence in retaliation to heavy-handed controls from Serbia. The Serbs will tell you this was a designed plan of Albania, but in reality demographics had changed over the years and Serbia did not embrace the change. The biggest problem is that the Kosovo area is the birth land of the Serbs. There are historic churches and monasteries that are important to the Serbs. Another problem is that there is a strong Greater Albania nationalistic movement among the Albanians across the Balkans.

Prayer Points:

1)      Let us pray for peace between Kosovo and Serbia. Lord, only You can work out these deep wounds between the two. Let us pray the enemy would not engineer more conflicts.

2)      Many Islamic radicals are setting up shop in Kosovo in the hope of creating another Islamic state. Let us pray down confusion on their plans.

3)      Pray that God would extend mercy to Kosovo and many would hear the Gospel.

4)      Although Kosovo is strongly Muslim, there has been church growth. The Muslims are mainly nominal in there Islamic beliefs and should be reachable.

5)      The Baptist, Pentecostals, etc. are slowly progressing. Let us pray for the present churches. May they grow, mature and release evangelist into the culture.

6)      Once again I will ask you to pray for friendship evangelism in the Muslim areas of the Balkans. We must reach them while we still have the freedom to do so.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Pray for Greece

Week of Oct. 6-12, 2014

Prov. 6:1-5  My son, if you become surety for your friend,
   If you have shaken hands in pledge for a stranger,
2 You are snared by the words of your mouth;
   You are taken by the words of your mouth.
3 So do this, my son, and deliver yourself;
   For you have come into the hand of your friend:
   Go and humble yourself;
   Plead with your friend.
4 Give no sleep to your eyes,
   Nor slumber to your eyelids.
5 Deliver yourself like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter,
   And like a bird from the hand of the fowler.

It seems like every time we pray for Greece, we pray for the economic situation. Many writers, in their commentaries of the Greek society, speak of the economic problem as a mirror of what ails Greece. The government has made promises it can’t keep. The promises of decent pensions for all can’t be paid now that the government is broke. To pay those pensions, taxes have to be raised and that takes money from families in the workforce. Greece finds itself in an endless cycle that seems to have no end. 

Prayer Points:
1.    We as people go through times of reverse progress. If we adjust our ways then we progress again. Let us pray that Greece would adjust and correct negative decisions of the past that led to these problems.
2.    In times of war great sacrifice is required. Greece needs to go to war against its economic dilemma. Let us pray that a sense of urgency and sacrifice would rise up in the Greek people.
3.    Usually it takes a man of wisdom and boldness to lead a nation out of this time of troubles. Pray that a statesman full of God’s wisdom will appear. (For inspiration read up on Cyrus the Great; he ruled the Babylon Empire and saved it from disaster. He also blessed the Jewish nation. We also must remember that a Greek/Macedonian warrior, Alexandra the Great, defeated and disassembled Cyrus’ kingdom of Persia.)
4.    Greece has borrowed money and pledged financial agreements with foreign banks. Greece as a nation is servant to the lender. (Prov. 22:7) This is an uncomfortable position to be in but it can work humility into the soul. Let us pray for Greece to swallow the bitter medicine with grace.
5.    Let us pray for Greek churches throughout the world to have their hearts fully turned toward the country of their roots. It is time to minister to the homeland. Although the leaves have blown across the world, it is time for those leaves to be made into fertilizing mulch and be mounded up around the tree. (I know this may be a strange picture, but I see mulch being gathered from the far corners of the earth and it being placed around a withered tree. I see the rain coming from heaven and the nutriments from the mulch soaking down in the ground to the roots.) 
6.    Lord, we pray that not only will Greek Christians seek to bring the Gospel back to Greece but Greek businessmen will sacrifice to mulch the tree.

Mulching is the most beneficial thing a home owner can do for the health of a young tree. Mulches are materials placed on the soil surface to improve soil structure, oxygen levels, temperature and moisture availability. Properly applied, mulch can give landscapes a handsome, well-groomed appearance.

Mulch must be applied properly. If a mulch is too deep or if the wrong material is used, it can actually cause harm to trees and other landscape plants. Mulch should usually be 2-4 inches deep.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Praying for Croatia

Week of Sept. 30 - Oct. 5, 2014

Croatian Praise Report

God is moving in Croatia. As most of you know, we moved to Zagreb, Croatia at the end of last year, and we are elated to see His work throughout this country. This nation is so blessed in so many ways. God truly has a remnant here and they are learning to not be lethargic about His Kingdom.
•    Around the middle of August there was a mountain experience. The leadership of a Christian group here called for a prayer initiative in an area of Croatia near the Dalmatian coast. About 60 Christians came from all over Croatia to a mountain that is considered a point of historical significance. They trekked to the top of the mountain and had a day of prayer. A huge storm came and pounded that mountain during this time. It was amazing to see flags waving and even the Shofar was blown. The remnant stood together in the glory of the Lord to make a statement against the evil principalities of Croatia. Also the great storm that pounded the mountain was just the enemy trying to fight back. The big storm was indicative of powerful forces, and we must trust Him to overcome it. (Example: The land was promised to the children of Israel but Joshua had to fight for it.)
•    In September there were some special meetings in Croatia. John Malinda of Uganda and Mark Daniels from America, were the keynote speakers. The word being brought forth to Croatia was about building altars. First build an altar in your family, second in your church and then build an altar for the nation. Many Croatian Christians were impacted and received fresh revelation of the Kingdom.
•    There are several prayer meetings throughout the city and some meet daily. It is so reassuring to know the Christians are praying here. As we know, God always answers sincere prayers.

Prayer Points:
1)    Thank You Lord, for blessing Croatian. You are truly hearing the prayers of Your people.
2)    We know that the Word of the Lord does not return void. Let us pray for the continual moving of the Holy Spirit across Croatia and His Word being delivered to hungry hearts.
3)    May Croatian Christians increase in their pursuit of Him. Let us pray for a deeper surrender.
4)    It is a strong desire of European Initiative that pastors be united. As EI teams minister to the lost, we need safe churches to plug the converted into. Pray that the churches would receive the lost and newly converted with open arms.
5)    Let us pray for a culture of honor among the pastors and Christians in Croatia. May the evangelicals be united in their love for one another.
6)    Let us pray that the churches of Croatian will be burdened for the lost. Pray that they turn outwards and pick up the mental of evangelism.
7)    Lord, we ask for the maturing of the gift of evangelism and the gift of a pastor. May the lost be saved and planted in a healthy church.
8)    There are many barriers to the Gospel in the Croatian culture; but barriers can be broken down. Let us pray that the Holy Spirit will give the churches wisdom to break those barriers.
The Bible talks about the gates of hell not prevailing. (Matt. 16:18) Gates are just barriers. The Lord is waiting upon His church to ram the gates and invade the enemy’s domain; the domain that satan stole in the first place.

Balkan Day of Prayer – Balkan Networks is setting aside Nov. 2, 2014 as a Day of Prayer for the Balkan countries. For more information see,  For promotional materials see,

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Pray for Bulgaria

Week of Sept. 22-28, 2014

(Balkans) Journey to Transformation – Discovery Weekend – Sofia, 2014

Balkan Networks together with The Sentinel Group is sponsoring the first ever Journey to Transformation Discovery Weekend in the Balkans.

Are you hungry for Revival to come to your nation and to all of the people in the Balkans?  Then you need to come and join us as George Otis Jr., founder of The Sentinel Group, comes to Eastern Europe for the very first time ever to present the Journey to Transformations Discovery Weekend…

Prayer Points:
1)    Please pray for the above conference in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are believing this conference to be a stepping stone toward a move of God in the Balkans. George Otis, Jr.’s research and inspiration has been value in moving toward the transformation of cities, regions and countries.
2)    Pray for traveling mercy for those flying and driving in from across the Balkans.
3)    Pray that many key leaders in the Balkans will attend. Pray they will be open to personal transformation and also encouraged to believe for their region to be changed.
4)    Let us also pray for those responsible for organizing and hosting the conference.
5)    May we cry out to the Lord of heaven for His plan for this region.

In the News: Bulgaria ready to join the fight against the Islamists and has good reasons to do so >>Копирано от<<

Sofia sees the Islamic State group as very dangerous for Bulgaria and the EU, especially because it involves extremists who have European passports and funding sources from the oil industry.

Also, Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi announced that it had already decided to establish an Islamic caliphate in Europe and the first country in the Balkans where they would unfurl the great black flag would be Bulgaria. First, because of its excellent strategic position, and secondly because of the thousands of followers and many Muslims who are just waiting for a signal from their leaders to sacrifice their lives in the name of Allah.

But this week has also shown that local Muslims in Bulgaria do not share this idea. In a sharp statement, the Chief Mufti of the Muslim religion in Bulgaria said that the conduct of the pseudo-state formation Islamic State cannot be identified with the dictates of the Holy Islamic religion that are dramatically different.

6)    A dark demonic force has been unleashed by Islamic militants in Syria and Iraq that has resulted in the brutal killings of all that do not agree with them. Nations of the world are forming a coalition to combat this evil. Pray for Bulgaria as they take this step to provide help.
7)    This evil group has declared Bulgaria as their prime target in Europe. Let’s pray that the Bulgarian Christians would intercede and ask the Lord to erect an alter in the spirit that blocks that spirit of death.
8)    Let us thank the Lord for the boldness of the Muslim leadership in Bulgaria and their willingness to stand up for what is right. Let us pray for their protection because local sympathizers may try to lash out at them.
9)    Bulgarians and Turks have had ethnic problems for centuries. Pray that these two groups will dismiss their differences and stand united against this evil coming out of the middle east.

Personal Note:
·    Last week I did not get this prayer directive out due to conflicts with scheduling on my part.
·    I do ask for your prays for Zuzanna and I this week as we travel to Barcelona, Spain to participate in a conference on evangelism toward/in Europe.
·    Thanks for praying for the Balkans and thanks for praying for us. We feel your prayers and diligently work to be your hands extended.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Pray for Bosnia Herzegovina

Week of Sept. 8-14, 2014

In the News: Up to five feared dead in Bosnian coal mine accident

(Reuters) - Up to five Bosnian miners were feared dead after a rock burst left them trapped, rescuers and other miners said on Friday, as emergency teams evacuated others who had spent more than 18 hours underground.

Mine Manager Esad Civic said 29 miners had been rescued, among 34 who had been trapped half a kilometre below the surface after an earthquake triggered a rock burst on Thursday afternoon.
•    Thomas  - (Comment) Being from SW Pa, you had few choices for employment: Steel Mills or Coal Mines. Both very dangerous, underpaid for services and certainly unappreciated. Education was/is one of the few ways out.

Prayer Points:
1)    Let us pray for the miners that lost their lives in this tragedy in the Raspotocje mine in Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H). Pray that their families will be taken care of by the community, friends and government. I don’t know if there is an evangelical church in the area but may a group of Christians be moved to reach out to these families.
2)    Thomas (unknown American) has a very good point about education. The uneducated tend to end up with the tough and dangerous jobs at a lower pay. Let us pray for the educational system of B&H.
3)    May the parents in B&H fulfill their duty to direct and challenge their children to excel in school. We pray that the Christian families would lead the way in providing a good education for their children.
4)    Let us pray for a day in B&H when disciplined and educated Christians are raised up to lead the nation.
5)    B&H does have a Muslim majority and much money and efforts are being spent on radicalizing them. Let us pray that the enemies’ plans in the Muslim communities would fail.
6)    The churches in B&H are small and weak but may they open their hearts to share the love of Jesus with their Muslim neighbors.
7)    Let us pray for the birthing of ministries specifically to the Muslims in B&H. Lord, please send missionaries who have a heart for and know how to reach Muslims.
8)    Lord Jesus, we pray for revival in B&H. Lord, may the people be set free from the tragedies of the past and come forth healed and redeemed.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Pray for Albania

Week of Sept. 1-7,2014

Albanian police destroy 46 thousand cannabis plants in northern region   2014-08-24 06:05:32

TIRANA, Aug. 23 (Xinhua) -- Albanian police forces on Saturday destroyed around 46 thousand cannabis roots during an anti-narcotics operation in the Shkodra region in northern Albania.

Artan Didi, Director General of Albanian police, said Albania was determined in the fight against drugs until the last cannabis-planted plot was destroyed.

Around two hundred police men took part in the operation.

The operation was part of the new government's campaign to stamp out the cannabis economy in its bid to become part of the European Union.

Albania is a major cannabis-producing country in Europe and a transit point for other drugs coming from other regions.
Prayer Points:
1)    Let us pray for more aggressive drug law enforcement in Albania. May illegal drugs become hard to find in Albania.
2)    We pray for exposure and rendering of justice for those involved in the drug trade in Albania.
3)    Ever since communism fell in Albania, many missionaries have come to Albania to share Jesus. Lord, we know their efforts have not been in vain. Your word does not return void. Lord, we ask that the efforts of these missionaries would continue to bring forth fruit.
4)    May fruit remain. We remember Jesus’ prayer: John 15:16 “You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in My name He may give you.”
5)     Let us pray for more fruit. Just as a farmer prays for a bountiful harvest, so we pray for spiritual fruit all across Albania.
6)     Fruit needs to ripen. Let us pray for Christian maturity in Albania. May Albanian Christians be fully nurtured by the Tree of Life; Ripe and sweet and may their seeds multiply across the land.
7)    There is a pastor and three others going from Albania today to Turkey in order to prayer walk for twelve days. Lord Jesus, go with them and guide them to the fields that need to be plowed by the Spirit. Lord, protect, prosper, give them favor and give them dominion over the powers of darkness that lurk there. May the fruit of the enemy be exposed and wither away.

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